Strategy to Find the Right Service Provider on Service Based Platform

Location-based service platforms are excellent as they provide the convenience of selecting the perfect service provider by simply posting an ad saying "book a cleaning service online" right from the comfort of your home.

But not all service providers might be suitable and skilled enough to properly complete the housekeeping task, but the service-arranging platforms may be used to your advantage to find the most satisfactory service provider with some guided steps.

The blog will discuss certain features and options on the service-based platform to get the most out of the facility.

1. Portfolio

A location-based platform is ideal for finding the most suitable skilled worker because it offers the feature of showcasing the portfolio of the service providers right to the advertisers.

The service advertiser can conveniently find the workers with the diverse work they have delivered, which implies the skills they are proficient in, such as landscaping and pet grooming. So, if you want a service provider for pet grooming, you can easily book a pet groomer without any hassle.

By exploring their portfolios on the platform, you avoid the chance of hiring a naive person who has unsatisfactory skills and might disappoint you.

2. Ratings and Customer Reviews

Similar to the catering service that we rate in luxurious hotels, these location-driven platforms allow customers or service users to leave their valuable reviews and ratings, positive or negative, for the service provider.

You may look at the ratings and opt for the service providers with the highest ratings on the platform, which implies the person has satisfactory skills and the right attitude towards work.

3. Get referrals.

Suppose you post a service ad on the platform, and even after a long while, you are unable to find the right service provider. In such a case, you may ask for referrals from other users who can simply understand your service needs and suggest names.

Referrals are important to refine and filter the candidates for services, and the highest number of referrals that come directly from customers undoubtedly highlights the best service provider.

4. Stay open to negotiation.

Negotiation is the ultimate strategy to settle down with the perfect service provider. Staying open to bids and negotiating the wages might help the workers request skill-based payments.

With effective negotiation, you can also save money if the portfolio of a service provider is not impressive, thereby helping them out by giving them the opportunity to improve their portfolio. Or you may at times have to stay back and pay a little more if the portfolio is outstanding and guarantees assured and infallible services without any guidance.


A service-based platform is a comfortable and convenient stage that lets you find the serviceman who can provide the service and skills you need to accomplish the task.

So, the next time you post a service ad, just follow the above-mentioned points, and you will for sure secure the deal with the most skilled person at an affordable and negotiated price.

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