How It Works?

Helptimize is a way to negotiate for service needs in your community.

Start with a fixed price of $16.99 and if no takers then Buyers can open up for bid


Buyer lists the service needed and the price they are willing to pay.


Seller Bids & Negotiates via voice, video or chat with the Buyer on Price.


Buyer then chooses the best seller considering portfolio, star/diamond ratings and skills required.

*Note: Teenagers are required to link account with custodial guardian for safety and sign required contracts on the platform.

Subscription Packages for Providers

Welcome to Helptimize! Boost Your Business Today!

No more percentage fees taken for your hard work done. This platform puts the money into your pocket!

$9.95 per month
Minimum 3 months
6 Months
12 Months
18 Months

Note: All subscription packages require an initial minimum commitment of 3 months for monthly subscriptions.

Join Helptimize today to elevate your services, expand your reach, and maximize your profits!

How are we doing it?

Location Based

Safety Ratings

All Three Per category
Blue Star
20 Transactions with al least 98% ratings
Silver Star
Bonded / Licensed / Certificated per category
Gold Star
Checkr National background Check



Why Helptimize?

Helptimize provides a platform that allows users to generate extra income. This is a location-driven service, so you can find people in your community who need your services. Users can negotiate with other members to find prices that work for them. Whether you are a teenager looking to make some money or are looking for a second job, Helptimize offers several opportunities in one app.


Location Driven

Customer Reviews

Referrals In Any Community

Open Communication

All Opportunities In One App

Negotiate Price

Reduced Fees

Helptimize Opportunities

With Helptimize, users can choose their area/range and find multiple ways to engage in their community. Those who need help can find services in their area at reduced fees. Those who can help may provide their services through The Helptimize App. Helptimize provides opportunities for teenagers, retirees, and people wanting to work a second job, offering a place for these providers to utilize their skills and make extra money.

Multiple Methods of Community Engagement

Provide Talents to your Community

Teenager Work Opportunity

Work a 2nd Job

Retirees Seeking Work

Get the Help at Reduced Cost

Moving to New Home Location

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