Location Based Service Platforms - What Makes These Platforms A Reliable Source for Second Income?

Everyone is looking for an extra source of income, but many are still unaware of the ways to accomplish that. Recently, many platforms have arisen that assist teenagers and second-income seekers to earn while catering to community-based services. For example, booking a cleaning service online has become easy due to the emergence of such platforms. All you must do is post a service advertisement and let the locals connect with you for service provision.
To understand how exactly these platforms work, you will have to take the example of a job application or employee seeking platform. Similar to these platforms, a platform that seeks out community-based workers becomes a reliable source of income while assigning the task in the proximity of the worker.
Let’s understand how you can successfully earn a generous small income in your spare hours through a location-based services platform. Suppose you are booking a cleaning service online and you want the worker to be from your community or location. You may advertise the service on the platform. Interested individuals may reach out to you directly or request all similar service advertisers to post a service in the area accessible to the service providers. You as an advertiser may bid on the request submitted on the platform and the deal is sealed.
You pay them, and they pay you for the cleaning services. It's that simple!
The first benefit the platform delivers is the fast and expedited delivery of the worker, as the individual comes from nearby regions. It removes the hassle of locating the payer’s address for the worker who doesn't belong to the area!
Also, it might happen that the service provider and the payer know each other. In that case, the service may become a pleasant experience for both since it removes the trust issues between the payer and the serviceman.
The second benefit is the negotiation. Since location-based services remove the complications by eliminating the need for the mediators, or third-party men, who eat up a big portion of your earnings by biting the commission out of the earnings, It might be a healthy platform to negotiate charges before accepting the task. The negotiation can be done between the payer and the service provider, thereby making the deal suitable for both parties.
Also, the quality of the services can be assessed through the individual portfolios and ratings given to the service providers. A good portfolio and high ratings might also become valid reasons to negotiate for more money.
A location-based platform assists you in finding meaningful jobs such as yard maintenance, landscape enhancement, handymen, and gardeners yourself without relying on anyone. Hence, using the platform becomes convenient for anyone. You seek, you accept!
Another benefit is for teenagers, who can earn extra income after school that they can use as pocket money or to pay school or tuition fees. This location-based service platform is a good engagement platform for teenagers, through which they can earn as well as learn basic household tasks.
And to finally sum up, a location-based service platform is a reliable platform to connect with your community members and consolidate the bond by transferring the benefits. So, why not earn extra while making friends?
Helptimize is a location-based service platform that helps both service seekers and service providers to exchange benefits and make a cordial bond with the local and community people!