This company is all about benefiting the user, which means keeping all our fees low. To show our dedication to the community, we are not charging any platform fees until further notice (Excluding Non- Helptimize fees: Bank Transfer Fees, PayPal Fees, Product Pickup/Delivery Fees, Background Check, Cancellation Policy Made with User, etc...).

If you have any comments about platform fees taken then please reach out to us at info@helptimize.com. We would love to hear your input to create the best website for you.

We understand that people are cautious to hire a good person with the right skills and demeanor for the project or purchase from those they don’t know. We believe most people are good but there are those individuals we all want to avoid. This is the reason we setup a star rating system where users strive to achieve a diamond rating. Diamond rated providers are the safest, most reliable/dependable users and we highly recommend using them when available.


1/ Blue Star: Rated 98% or higher by other users with at least 20 transactions.

2/ Silver Star: Certificates, Bonding, Licenses in their category

3/ Gold Star: Passed the National Database Background Check through Checkr

4/ Diamond: User has all three Stars listed above in the category of expertise

All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, all users should always check such information for themselves. To find more licensing information for your state, visit this Find Licensing Requirements page.

For more information on the star rating system please check FAQ section “How Do Star Ratings Work?”. Please do reach out to us at info@helptimize.com if you have any comments for making the site even safer for the community.

Gold Star Users: Have been background checked and are the only users allowed to transact with teenager between the ages of 14 through 17. Search check for the following information:

SSN Validation

Sex Offender Search

Global Watchlist

National Criminal Database Search

The national criminal search is a multi-jurisdictional search that encompasses numerous sources. It includes national security sources, numerous federal databases, and arrest and criminal data from various local, county and state agencies.

If there is a flag on the National Criminal Database, Checkr will automatically perform a County Criminal Search (Single County) in the county the charge is located within. This is a $20 add-on to upgrade to the Standard Package price.

Please Note: We do not store and personal identifying information (PII) from the background check on our website.

Silver Star Users: Have a portfolio where user can prove they are licensed, bonded, certified or have accredited degrees/diplomas to perform a job in the specified category.

Blue Star Users: Have had 20+ transactions with a 98% star rating within a category.

Diamond Star Users: Have collected all three of the above star ratings in the transacting category.

Posting a job only requires a few simple steps. Enter what you need accomplished and be specific. You can set a price you will be happy to pay or select Market Price for others to say what price they can offer their service. If a picture will make it easier to understand then please upload. Once you’ve done this then all you have to do is wait for bids to come in and communicate with bidder via Helptimize communication via voice, video or text, Choose the selected bidder you are most comfortable with for price, personality and rating(s).

When Providers bid you will be able to see their general location on a map. We encourage people to try and find a fair middle ground. Since Helptimize is community based, people tend to choose sustainable agreements that work for a long term relationship.

Finally, in order to evaluate the work Helptimize has a forced rating system for both the buyer and seller of these services. Please leave your neighbor a review to keep the community safe.

Please reach out to us at info@helptimize.com if you have any suggestions on how we can make this platform easier for each user.

As the Agreement is between you and the service Provider, we encourage direct communication with those who performed the job. If there are still disputes after speaking to the provider then there are avenues to explore per the terms and services agreement. For any disputes not involving the Company, you may request an informal dispute resolution with Company by making a request through Company’s customer service department (info@helptimize.com). Helptimize Customer Services will try and help both parties come to an agreement to resolve issue at hand. If in event Company is not successful resolving dispute then you may request Company’s neutral attorney from Smith McBroom, PLLC to attempt to resolve the dispute. Smith McBroom, PLLC acts as general counsel for the Company and shall act as a neutral third-party for resolving the dispute between the Buyer (Requester) and Seller (Provider). Party who loses dispute will pay Smith McBroom PLLC legal fees at their standard rate invoiced. This shall not prejudice your rights to seek further mediation or binding arbitration per terms and services agreement.

Helptimize takes your personal safety as our highest level of priority and uses PayPal/Venmo. In the agreement you will agree on the method of payment (cash option, Paypal, Venmo). PayPal have been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Helptimize has no bank Credit Cards nor account numbers stored on our system/servers. Many online platforms use PayPal/Venmo for the security of their members. Your security is the utmost importance to us.

Please note: when setting up your bank details PayPal will ask for specific information.

Yes, you can simply enter your description of the charity needed and place a price of $0 that you are willing to pay. Charitable people can then place a $0 dollar bid for your requirements.

Future fixes: Teenager linked account, sub-contracting and Neighborhood blogging

Paypal has put an extra step in the verification process as we are a new company. If you are paying a provider through Paypal please make sure to accept the clearance of the money through your account. We are sorry for this inconvenience and this will be resolved after the first few transactions.