Reason to use HELPTIMIZE

A revolutionary system allowing consumers to negotiate directly with many local service area providers for the best price.

Providing a bidding platform connecting you directly with many service providers for the best price in one location.


• All services nearby within minutes.

• Read profiles and reviews to establish trust

• Text, Voice and Video available anytime


Follow our four-steps to secure the best services in your area. Quick and efficient, our platform allows you to customize your specific needs and choose the right match, all within a matter of minutes.


Locating services in your local area has never been easier. With our Google map, you can select providers closest to you.


Personalizing your experience means customizing services to your exact needs. With the touch of a button, you can choose a service, create your specification, state your budget and select from our quality students bidding for your service.


Trust and professional integrity are the most important features. We provide you high quality services because we know how important it is to get services you can trust. All members profiles show if they have been background checked, have certificates or licenses for their work and if they are one of the highly rated members 98.5% rating with over 25 transactions.


Our unique online bidding platform gives you, the customer, the opportunity to select from a range of providers, offering you choice and flexibility. Select your service, specify your requirements, and browse and compare bids and profiles. You then select the provider that meets your criteria.

How Does It Work?

Select and specify a service needed:

Select your service category

Fill out your specification requirements

State the target price you are willing to pay

Submit your request and wait for providers nearby to bid

Need Help Process
Can Help Process

How much does it cost?

Unlimited Free Leads for Seller of Services and Free Platform Signup Fee for the Buyer of Services. Helptimize is a bid platform to reduce costs across each category by offering unlimited free leads for any seller of services and allowing the buyer of the service to set a target bid price for service requested. Our platform only receives a small 10% commission up to a maximum of $75 dollars for the service provided and every lead for a service needed is absolutely free. This in contrasts with most platforms that take upwards of 20% or more for commissions and charge yearly platform fees for every lead. This makes the exchange for services for money an affordable platform for everyone.

Need Help Cost

Staring at


Free sign-up fee

2.9% fee if credit card used to transact for services provided

No fee if debit card used for service transaction

$5 dollars charged for cancelled requests that occurs after five minutes with no bid entered

$10 dollars charged for cancelled requests that occurs after five minutes with a bid entered

A 5% transaction fee applies for the Advanced Payment Process

Can Help Cost

Staring at


Free sign-up fee

Free leads and NO monthly usage charges

10% fee up to a maximum of  $75 dollars when a project is awarded and completed

$5 dollars charged for cancelling an agreed upon bid

You will receive 3% of invoice amount for all Advanced Payment Transactions

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Project Innovation in your fingertips

You can see why a bid platform is powerful, especially when you can see details of the individual or company that will perform your services. You have the power to chat with the individual or company representative.

Why do you pay the price the service provider requires without negotiation? You have no other options. Find out how you can negotiate and lower costs by using a bid platform to negotiate price.

See how to grow your business from being a preferred service provider

The only service platform that works without having to manually search and contact multiple service providers

Utilize our Advanced Payment Process to discover the ease of having the service provider complete the job while your payment is held securely.