How does the Service Requestor (Seller) receive ratings?

When the service is completed and payments is requested there will be a grace period before payment is made for the service requestor to provide a rating to the service provider. If this is not accomplished in 12 hours then money is transferred and service requestor will not be able to submit another request until their rating is submitted. If the rating is submitted as 3 stars (75%) or below there will need to be specific details and our team will engage into a discussion with both regarding the low rating. The Service Provider can always communicate with the requestor to negotiate other terms or opt for our team to engage in a dispute resolution process. We emphasize that the service requestor and provider to engage in communication and resolve the issue themselves prior to Helptimize involvement, Helptimize will lower the rating of the loser of the dispute by 5% each time Helptimize needs to engage the parties.