What do I need to accomplish before I can provide services?

At a minimum, the seller/provider of services (I Can Help) will need to:

1.  Have entered Credit Card details, Bank Account number and Routing Information in order to provide a service/Bid on a  Service Request (SR).

2. Verify age through our clickwrap agreement that you are either older than  18 years old or between 14 and 18 years old. Unfortunately anyone under the age of 14 are not authorized to provide or receive services with the Helptimize app due to local labor laws.

3. If you are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old then you will need to be linked to a custodial guardians “Helptimize Account”.  The Custodial Guardian will be responsible to sign clickwrap agreements that authorize the teenagers to purchase the services on this platform (a legal requirement for contractual terms and conditions).

Additionally, if you are not diamond rated background checked, which includes fingerprinting and felon check, then user will be blocked from services provided or received by teenagers. Becoming Diamond Rated (D-Rated) involves fingerprinting via Helptimize authorized Companies that can be found at Checkr, Sterling Talent Solution (api.sterlingtalentsolutions.com) or Washington Access to Criminal History Watch  at https://watch.wsp.wa.gov. This also helps protects everyone on this platform from fraudulent activities.

*   Please note that since this is a contract driven platform that anyone under the age of 18 can’t legally sign a contract.  Any misrepresentation of your age can be prosecuted under the law.

** Please note that without a diamond rating background check you (the service provider) will be blocked from providing services from teenagers and probably will receive less work on the platform than those who are diamond rated.