What is Blue Diamond Rating?

Blue diamond rated individuals are those with 25 transactions or more and have held a 98.5% star rating or higher.

What is Silver Diamond Rating?

Silver Diamond Rated people have uploaded their licenses, certificates and other documents that show their legitimacy for providing the service. People who upload these documents are bound by the [...]

What is Gold Diamond Rating?

Checkr.com verification that verifies SSN, Sex Offender Check, Global Watchlist Check and a National Criminal Database Check. If all pass then you will receive a Gold Diamond Rating.If one [...]

What is the membership options?

Currently there are no membership options. However, we have created a way to select those top users as "Platinum Members" which we will provide discounts and marketing opportunities. Platinum [...]

How do I know the platform is secure?

Helptimize uses strong SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] authentication for Web and data protection and PCI compliant to make you safe. In addition, there is no Personal Identification Information (PII) [...]

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