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Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Jeffrey S McBroom
Jeffrey S McBroomDeveloper
Boeing Representative last 25+ Year’s
Countries – Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, UK, Germany, China, Thailand, Malaysia
Board Of Directors – BrainConnexion LLC
Concept creator of
Web Design 85%
Web Design 73%
Angelika McBroom
Angelika McBroomDeveloper
International Consultant – Business, 3rd Culture Kids, Medical Russian Translation/Interpretation, UN Refugee Children Developments Programs.
Co-Concept creator and CEO Brain Connexion LLC
Graphic Design 93%
Graphic Design 53%
Peiti (Patrick) Ying
Peiti (Patrick) YingDeveloper
Former Software Engineer with Collinear. Developer and System Administrator with Kanobe Inc. Security Operations Center Engineer with GTT//International Consultant – IT and Software Development (Front end
and Back end)

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Patrick Ying

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