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Welcome to Helptimize!

Our mission at Helptimize is to locate services quickly at any location nearby and offer outstanding support during your experience.

We guarantee these qualities:

Ease of Entry Onto this Platform

Ease of Matching Buyers and Sellers

Ease of Communicating via in-app Chat, Video and Voice

Ease of Negotiation

Ease of Service Delivery

Ease of Payment

You will enjoy a platform with an efficient means of accessing fantastic service providers in your area at your negotiated price. Through our one stop service, we connect local businesses, service providers, companies and traders directly with you, the customer.

Our providers are reliable, professional and trustworthy and can build their portfolio and develop their online profile. Positive ratings result in promotional advertising leading to new connections and contracts. You, benefit from establishing links with many great services in your area that were not available previously or only through word of mouth. You also have benefit of choice and safety with our commercial star rating and safety diamond rating system. Through our bidding platform, you can select and customize based on your specifications for cost, time, personal requirements, and location.

We value your opinion and are committed to providing excellent service and first rate quality providers. We encourage you to add reviews and ratings on all your service providers so we can promote and support excellent local services in our community.

HELPTIMIZE: Helping you connect to services you can trust

Helptimize is an online service platform that promises customers and service providers flexibility of choice with guaranteed security.

This platform is area driven where both buyer and seller select any area and range to request or provide a services. Imagine now that you can travel to another city, request for a beautician to drive to your house or hotel and provide a service you need while paying your negotiated price. There simply are limitless possibilities with this platform.

We target an entire community to help consumers connect with individuals and service providers. Businesses, retirees, students, individuals out of work, and at home domestic talent can all make additional contributions and money.

We all know how difficult it is to get good service we can trust. How often have you hired people to do a job because you felt you had no choice? Our belief is that opening up communication with background checked service providers will enable the trust and security needed to be successful. In addition Helptimize offers a 3 Diamond rating system where buyers and sellers profiles are updated to show ones that are security verified by a local agency, ones that have certificates, licenses and degrees and those who are trusted highly star rated people on our platform. No need to go to any other site just to be ripped off anymore.

We all know the frustration of having work done that isn’t carried out to our personal satisfaction and now with our buyer’s providing specific details of the job required there will be much less arguments and disputes.

How great would it be to find one website that connects you to local, reliable services for any category, who have been checked for quality, safety, and who you can match to your exact specifications?

HELPTIMIZE: Info for those that mostly want to receive quotes and not accept bids

We at Helptimize want people needing help to accept bids and have work accomplished. However, we understand there will be accounts that use the site for quote purposes only.

In order for sellers to stay interested in Helptimize we need to prevent a system whereby the bidders are never receiving actual work or revenue.

Accounts will be labelled as quote center accounts when the awarded SR to Submitted SR ration falls under 60%. If an account is a quote center please note that for all future requests submitted that different fees and processes will apply per terms and conditions signed.

For those accounts labeled as a quote center they automatically will be charged a platform fee per our terms and services agreement for submitting each service request. Please note that a Quote center accounts will not show the buyers target price to the bidders.

If a quote center submits a request and accepts a bid then normal platform process and fees will apply negating the fees taken for a quote center.

See FAQ section on fees and how the quote center submit to award ration is calculated.